Turning compliance in a competitive advantage with digital transformation

Consumers love e-commerce. The exponential growth of this buying process is proof that the ease-of-use and flexibility it gives are appreciated by the majority of the population. E-commerce vendors in the retail world have been fine-tuning their customer experience in such a way that buying online becomes natural and fast. How come then that in some businesses we still need physical contact and old style paperwork to finally become a customer? Solutions are available but do vendors consider all the necessary elements to make the customers’ and their life as easy as possible? In this presentation we analyze 9 steps that are needed for a successful digital onboarding process.

Creating innovative solutions for customers has always been what drives me. That’s the reason why I started Docbyte back in 2006. From the start, Docbyte’s focus was on creating re-usable, generic Information Management solutions that support our customers in their core processes. One of those solutions became a product called DocShifter, a flexible platform that makes it possible to transform any kind of input format to any other output format. The newest addition is our spin-out Scio, that will primarily focus on legal digital archiving. My role is and has primarily been centered around strategic partnerships, marketing, sales management and general management.