Social Media Specialist
Ici Paris XL

As a retailer in the Luxury Industry, ICI PARIS XL is always looking for new opportunities to upgrade our Customer Happiness, Loyalty and Engagement.

Therefore we developed a unique Social Media Testcase based on SEO analytics and consumer Beauty Questions.

The Case is based on a well analyzed SEO strategy with KPI’s that would improve traffic to our Beauty Blog and increase the engagement on our Social Media channels (FB + IG + YT). We focused on the most frequently asked Beauty questions, like for example, ‘what products can I use for dry skin’, or, ‘what type of eyeshadow will match my eyecolor’.

We selected 12 questions and played them 360° on our Social Media channels, using Facebook, Instagram and Youtube, during 12 weeks.

Videos & How to’s were created, based on those beauty questions and were SEO optimized.

All deliverables were created to redirect customers to our inspirational Beauty Blog.

In this presentation we’ll discuss the process, way of work and learnings.