Managing Partner Humix

Measure & optimize your customer’s journey

Your organization is in the middle of a transformation. Ambitious strategies outline how you will battle the threat of disruptors. Truth is that many of those plans require a solid data foundation. However, this is exactly where many Belgian companies are struggling with.

Lonneke will share a tested and proven framework for mapping your Digital Analytics Maturity. This framework helps you to get an overview of your organization’s strengths and weaknesses and reveals the gap between ambitions and reality. It’s a great starting point for defining your transformation roadmap.

Lonneke is founder and digital strategist at Humix and has  always  been  fascinated  about  the  way  humans  interact  with  products  and  their  interfaces. She is convinced that combining good data insights with User Centred thinking will allow companies to create the best user experience for their customers. Humix was founded from  this  conviction and is now a multi-disciplinary  team  of  web  analysts,  conversion and personalisation specialists and  UX-ers.