Consulting Director

Digital Ecosystem Revamp: a step by step & 360° roadmap of the 1001 things you’ll have to do!

Digital Transformation is in fact a revamp of your current digital ecosystem. It is also a great opportunity to take a deep dive in your previous digital projects and get a better understanding how to make them more effective and efficient, while increasing the usability for the end-users. During a digital transformation project, besides the technical consideration, there is also an impact on the governance and on your complete organization! From the big picture to your roadmap, I will be happy to guide you trough all aspects of your projects.

From project management to consulting over the past 15 years, Vincent had the opportunity to help and guide most of France Top companies. Involved in over 150 digital projects: websites, web factories, intranets, extranets, selfcare websites, mobile apps and a lot more, Vincent has a clear view on what traps most of product owners may fall in and how to avoid it.