Sales Director
Striktly Business Software

How digitalizing your administration becomes a priority versus luxury.

To be a modern entrepreneur, you understand that an easy to use, flexible softwareplatform is a necessity to be professional towards clients and possible employers. 

Striktly is showing a client case of a Flemish entrepreneur using 5 software solutions that didn’t communicate with each other and how 1 platform for incoming/ outgoing invoices, payment follow-up, time-registration, specialized attestations and digital signatures made him reduce time and gained money.


Victor Cimpean, the professional and driven sales manager for Striktly Business Software who leads the sales team to become better workflow advisors for their customers. Coaching them how to advise, rather than sell. With more than 10 years of experience in software, he is the expert on how to find the best digital workflow solution for entrepreneurs and how Striktly can fit into that solution. Taking the customers feedback to development meetings, how to shape Striktly in a way that it’s indispensable for our customers.