Social Media Manager
Jay Jay Communication

We help you tell the right story on social media

Case 1: Athlyzer (Germany): (Videoanalysis) SportsTech start-up —> I helped them to create their story between sports, software & connection. They first thought they couldn’t reach their audience because the software’ & technologie they were using didn’t really sound sexy enough. They wanted to reach a broader audience to ultimately create a bigger client base. I convinced them to use the story: sports as the tool to explain what they are doing. Make it more ‘snackable' without loosing the importance of their innovative start-up.


Case 2: Worldchampion Amsterdam (The Netherlands): Creative ad agency —> they were telling their clients story, not their own. They hired me to take a look at what they are and what they represent on social media. Instead of talking about their clients all the time we started to share more about the story ‘behind the scenes’. What do you need to do? Where do you go? Who do you work with to create the perfect campaign? Showing the people the human side of an ad agency and combining that with showing the work they created for clients. The goal: create a bigger following and get in touch with potential future clients using direct messaging.